Nothing But Nuru Mia Dior, Mazee The Goat

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Nothing But Nuru – Mia Dior, Mazee The Goat

Mia Dior, a pretty woman with a big booty and red hair, is upset with her roommate, Mazee, who kept her up before her massage exam.

Mia learns the Nuru style of massage, which involves oiling her body and slipping and sliding over Mazee, turning it into a full-on fuckfest.

Mia Dior is a hot babe with a big, gorgeous booty and long flowing red hair. She’s pretty and she’s pissed with her roommate who had an all-night fuckfest with her boyfriend, Mazee the GOAT, keeping her up before her big massage exam.

Mia knows a way Mazee can make it up to her; by letting her practice on him with a steamy rub down. Turns out the style of massage Mia is learning is Nuru, which means skin-on-skin.

Mia strips down and oils her body up before oiling up Mazee, and then gets to slipping and sliding all over him. The massage turns into a full on fuckfest, and Mia loves every second of it knowing her roomie must have heard it all.

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